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Filing for Divorce in Colorado*

Durango Divorce and Custody Mediation

Do I need a lawyer to file my divorce?

Not always. If you and your former partner can agree on the terms of your divorce you may file jointly. For some people this is the best option. However, when there are significant marital assets or children involved you should still seek the advice of an attorney. For example, if there are complicated property division matters such as co-ownership of a business, or other non-liquid assets that are difficult to value and divide, you may want professional advice. If you and your former partner can resolve your issues amicably, and you do not need professional representation, Marshall R. Sumrall offers assistance preparing the documents you will need for a flat fee.

Unfortunately, many divorces are not resolved on cooperative terms. If you cannot reach an agreement with your former partner you will have to file your divorce separately. Marshall R. Sumrall can prepare your filing as well. Simple divorce document preparation services are offered for a low flat fee. This may be the best option for you if there are no property or custody issues. If there are issues regarding property, debts, or child custody you should seek professional representation. Call now or inquire online to discuss your situation with an attorney.

How do I get a protection order?

Please see the tutorial on protection orders.


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